A full week with some interesting events.
This week I

  • Had the Monday team stand-up
  • Had conversations with potential speakers for PKM Summit next month.
  • Did the monthly invoicing
  • Went to the University of Groningen for an event discussing the AI Act. Now the final text is almost ready to be published this was a timely discussion to have.
  • Spent a day in The Hague at the ‘Data Sharing Festival’, organised by a.o. TNO and IDSA. A good way to get a sense of where various data space initiatives are at. One TNO session was very useful, on their method of bringing stakeholders and their stakes to the foreground, before building anything. Still too much focus on data sharing and pooling, with only one speaker emphasising data visiting / accessing, which is the more important piece of European data space plans, supported by elements in the Data Governance Act.
  • Participated in a meeting of the Digital Ethics working group of the provincies
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Met with a local government to talk about how European data spaces apply to local governments
  • Wrote an initial framework to align with European data regulations in the Dutch geo-information infrastructure.
  • Discussed AI standardisation in preparation for next weeks CEN-CENELEC meet-up in Dublin, providing some input for Dutch participants in that session
  • Took part in a large meeting to pick back up work on the information architectuer of systems of federated digital twins, for which I helped write a reference architecture 2 years ago.
  • Participated in a Swedish friend’s company show-and-tell meet-up to show how I shape my personal knowledge management and how I use Obsidian for a large part of it. The company is aiming to do their team knowledge management in a shared Obsidian environment. A fun way to end the week.
  • During the weekend we visited Y’s grandparents, E’s parents and saw the carnaval parade in their village.

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