The week went much better than the previous one, despite developing a strong cold later in the week.
This week I

  • Finished the book keeping for Q3 and did the VAT returns
  • Participated in a session on the European Language Data Space, which was very interesting. It builds on a decade worth of bringing together language data sets from around Europe, which already resulted in a toolkit that the EC uses for its own translations, and is made available free of charge to SME’s in the EU.
  • With the EU data team at a client’s presented the current state of play, to discuss what it means for the client itself (rather than for their government clients which is where the focus is now)
  • Finished an outline for a short project that I had tried to make last week. I needed to simplify it significantly to be useful, but that was hard to do.
  • Discussed that outline with a group of the client.
  • Finished a project proposal in the energy sector and sent it to the client.
  • Had a conversation with the JRC about their contribution to a track about Data Spaces at a conference in March.
  • Discussed the strategic consequences of new EU legislation for a client, and scoped out what it means for their network and potential clients in the coming years.
  • Had the weekly client meetings.
  • Reached out to several contacts to pan catch-up conversations.
  • Had an interesting conversation with Zsolt Viczián about visual thinking and pkm, in preparation for the PKM Summit, end of March.
  • Had a similar conversation with Harold Jarche. We know each other since two decades through our blogs and the shared topic of PKM, and this was the first time we spoke. He will contribute remotely to the PKM Summit in March.
  • Talked to a long-time client about changes in their organisation and how to move forward on a new proposal to support them.
  • Did some invoicing.
  • Facilitated a morning session of the interprovincial ethics committee.
  • Played an hour or two of Zelda, Breath of the Wild.
  • Started using our company’s new online bookkeeping program for the new year. Finding my way around the software, and adapting its ledger and settings to our ways of work.
  • Spent an hour late in the evening working in Obsidian to test out a new plugin.
  • Had a meeting to prepare a webinar on PKM for the Dutch government academy, where I will be a guest late March.
  • Slept away an afternoon because of a cold.
  • Spent Friday afternoon outside, while Y and a friend were playing
  • Did some tinkering.
  • Did a first scan of both the published text of the adopted EU Data Act, and the not yet official publication of the EU AI Act.

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