I’m writing this half way through week 51, because there was much to do, even if there was nothing major happening. One more week before I’m taking two weeks off.
This week I

  • Ensured that my projects will be extended into the next year.
  • Attended the funeral of the partner of a client colleague.
  • Did some invoicing.
  • Transcribed the output of a workshop on EU data spaces from last week.
  • Wrote the descriptions for a conference track in Brussels next March. The track will be about the EU data spaces. After having provided the opening key note last year, for the upcoming edition they approached me to lead and shape one of the four tracks. Nominally it’s a Belgian national conference, but as Belgium will hold the EU presidency next half year, this edition has been added to the presidency program, turning it into a more EU-wide event.
  • Held the usual client meetings
  • Skipped a team meeting as E fell ill, alongside Y.
  • Took Y to her drawing lesson, as she had recovered mostly half way through the week.
  • Outlined my own PKM practices as preparation for a workshop next week.
  • Brought my sister a birthday present.
  • Was interviewed for a study on how to finance the national geo-information infrastructure, in light of the new EU data laws. Re-iterated what we know about tieing costs to the point of use since well over a decade (not a good idea), and stressed ensuring that any costs are compared to benefits, not just evaluated on itself. Those parties that see a need for an SDI, should arrange the funding as part of their overal agreement framework. So that usage can be free, while those that co-decide also help finance.
  • Had an informal conversation with a colleague at the JRC, to discuss next year’s steps within the collaborative agreement the JRC has with my client.
  • Took delivery of a new couch.
  • Brought in the Christmas tree, the same as last year’s, and decorated it with Y and E.
  • Replaced the outside light of the bike shed with a new model. It’s now part of the Hue lights network in and around the house. Also added a sensor to it.

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