Favorited I’m banned for life from advertising on Meta. Because I teach Python. by Reuven Lerner

The Python programming language is over 30 yrs old, the Pandas data analysis library for it is 15 yrs old. It’s not unlikely Meta’s advert checking AI was created using both somewhere in the process. But the programming context of both words was definitely not in the training set for it.

Provide Python and Pandas training, advertise on FB. Get blocked because Meta’s AI spits out a high probability it is about illegal animal trade. Appeal the decision. Have the same AI, not a person, look at it again and conclude the same thing. Get blocked for all time. Have insiders check and conclude this can’t be reversed.

Computer says no…‘ and Kafka had a child and it’s Meta’s AI. And Meta has no human operated steering wheel that is connected to anything meaningful.

Via Ben Werdmuller

I’m a full-time instructor in Python and Pandas, teaching in-person courses at companies around the world … Meta’s AI system noticed that I was talking about Python and Pandas, assumed that I was talking about the animals […], and banned me. The appeal that I asked for wasn’t reviewed by a human, but was reviewed by another bot, which (not surprisingly) made a similar assessment.

Reuven Lerner

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