Oh great, LinkedIn! Of course I want you to ‘suggest’ postings in my timeline concerning conspiracy delusions about the fires in Hawaii, a disfigured street cat ‘nevertheless’ feeding its young and thus commended for its nurturing instincts (is animal ableism a separate category in your data model?), an autoplaying video of a woman removing mobiles from her family’s hands at the dinner table in a very funny (hahaha!) way, and something about a leopard. Enshittification ftw! I unfollowed every one on my contact list two years ago just for you to have more space to play Facebook and TikTok all by yourself. And I am also very pleased you always make me set the timeline to ‘most recent’ and then put it back to ‘most relevant’ (I do wonder about LinkedIn’s definition of ‘relevant’) so I don’t miss any of your suggestions. I think I need to use a different way of going to LinkedIn to find the details of someone in my network than the default /feed LinkedIn steers you to. I’ll add the direct path to the network search page as bookmark. And continuously strengthen my personal notes-as-rolodex.

Such a great day for the Digital Services Act to come into effect for ‘VLOPS’ like LinkedIn!

13 reactions on “The Enshittification of LinkedIn As DSA Takes Effect

  1. 😀 I was starting to think that those (ir)relevante suggestions had something to do with the profile they buit with my info.

    Also annoyed about having to click ‘most recent’ all the time (even when they decide to refresh my timeline whithout my action!) and then putting it back to ‘most relevant’ (for them).

  2. … I’m following the two main tips from Ton’s post:bookmark the network page as my main entry point into the platform [and] unfollow all my connections
    Unfortunately the scripts suggested by Ton from How to mass unfollow connections on LinkedIn in 2022 no longer work in September 2023 as the HTML of the following and followers page has changed. With a bit of hacking around I managed to get something of what I needed from ..

    Does this mean that I want social networks to work much like they did in 2005? Mostly yes.The biggest challenge? Finding a way to explain the reasons for this to colleagues who still see any form of social network as yet one more one-way marketing medium.Oh well…

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