Last weeked E and I visited Groningen together, and spent some 90 minutes or more browsing the Godert Walter bookstore. We had the place mostly to ourselves and it was a pleasure to browse the shelves unhurriedly. In the back in a reduced price box I found the 900+ pages tome ‘Information: A Historical Companion‘. It aims to dive deeply in the information strategies and personal knowledge management practices from Roman times until now. It was published in 2021 by Princeton University Press. With chapters covering specific historical periods, and chapters covering specific concepts (cards, memory techniques, accounting, databases etc.), plus a detailed Index, this promises to provide me with lots of interesting material to browse.

The book Information: A Historical Companion, after I brought it back to the hotel.

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  1. From Paul Duguid I remenber enjoying «The Social Life of Information», back when I still worked in a research lab. I’ll be adding it to my wish list 🙂

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