Last weekend during our vacation camping along the Loire, while I was reading and flipping a page on my Kindle it somehow got stuck on the cover page. It seemed to be still on (backlights working), but didn’t respond to anything I did, nor to a reset. As the battery drained sometime after, it looked like the photo shows.

The book I was reading, upon David Weinberger’s advice, was Cheap Complex Devices by John Sundman. I was deep enough into the novella that I can’t somehow shake the notion that the book itself has had an influence on this Kindle flop. Or maybe it was the humidity after a rainy day on the campground, with gallons of….



A new device should be delivered tomorrow.

6 reactions on “Cheap Complex Device, Borked

  1. No, the book has been designed with semantic harmonics that has snow-crashed 80% of the Kindles that have tried to run it. I probably should have mentioned that. Totally worth it!

    (I’m glad you’re liking the book. I sort of love it.)

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