This was the final school week, and both E and I have been rushing to finish up (enough) work to be ready for our summer hiatus.

This week I

  • Picked up my renewed driving license at city hall. Good for the next 10 years.
  • Discussed a project under the new European wide legal entity EDIC with a ministry and a client.
  • Did the monthly invoicing.
  • Updated the manual on EU data legislation I maintain for a client with more updates.
  • Worked on a first response to government data providers on their input on the impact analysis of the implementation of the EU High Value Data requirements.
  • Did the 2022 corporate tax filings for my company after finishing up the books for 2022 and making a year overview.
  • Did the VAT filings for the various entities I keep the books for.
  • Scheduled payments for the coming month so I don’t have to keep track of that during the next few weeks of our hiatus.
  • Had lunch with a client team to mark the start of summer.
  • Finished the review of the first report by the interprovincial ethics committee I’m secretary to. It was published alongside a webinar on the use of generative AI in the public sector this week.
  • Had a conversation with a team of the national company register on the impact of EU data legislation on their organisation, to be continued
  • Wrote my part of the Q2 report that a client needs to send to their client.
  • Planned some activities, including a meet-up around governance of AI and ethics in September.
  • Visited Y in her classroom for the goodbye-party to her teacher who is retiring.
  • Talked to the team at the National Database for Flora and Fauna about their ongoing transition to a new legal, technical and organisational structure. I advice them on the open data aspects, as well as how to use the new EU data legislation in their new set-up.
  • Wrote a project proposal to be submitted to a client during my summer hiatus.
  • With E and Y had lunch in town to mark the start of the school holidays, and then visited the new exhibit at Kade Museum titled ‘[Wonderbaarlijke Wezens]()‘, amazing creatures, showing how we related to animals over the centuries, and what we projected on them. Fun and interesting but not compelling.
  • Took care of Y who fell ill this weekend.
  • Updated Mastodon on my VPS for both E and myself to the latest version.

We passed by a pissing polar bear (see YouTube video about its recentinstallation at Museum Flehite, Amersfoort)

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