This week marks the half way point of 2023. One more week before the school holiday starts for Y. We are busy to finish stuff before we start the summer.

This week I

  • started with going to city hall to renew my drivers license, a once per decade thing. I can pick it up next week.
  • Participated in a session in which my colleagues F and E presented a protocol for organisations/people outsourcing assignments w.r.t. location data use, in which the aspects that need attention to ensure ethical use of data are described. Interesting work, now open for consultation to the geo-information sector. It in part resembles earlier work where we assisted procurement departments of public sector bodies with ensuring data sovereignty.
  • Had an interesting conversation with people from an association of (financial / integrity) auditors, about how data ethics might play a role in their work. We will provide a knowledge session for their November meet-up.
  • Booked a hotel in Troyes for later this month en route to our holiday destination. We could drive it in one day, but putting up a tent tired at the end of the day is not our idea of relaxation. So we will take in Troyes along the way, and the next day arrive early afternoon at our destination.
  • Worked intensively on the first advisory document of the interprovincial ethics committee about the use of generative AI, specifically text generators within the public sector. Lots of versions going back and forth, phone and video calls to discuss things. The publication deadline is next week.
  • Decided not to put up my candidacy for the EU Data Innovation Board, as it would be a less than ideal fit with their criteria. Did help a client with a much better fit to finish their submission for candidacy.
  • Met up with the intergovernmental data strategy team to discuss the connection to the ethics programma of the provinces. To be continued after the summer.
  • Had the half day monthly all hands meet-up with our team.
  • Booked hotel rooms for our entire team for a training we will take part in early September in Portugal. I think it’s quite cool the entire crew will do the same training, and we get to spend time together in a beautiful location.
  • Did lots of bookkeeping as next week there’s a deadline for tax returns, as well as preparation for the VAT returns due end of July that I want to get out of the way before the summer.
  • Did a round of updates for the overview of EU data legislation I keep current. There has been some movement this month.
  • Had a end-of-school-year interview with Y’s teacher and Y herself. She’s done well this year.
  • Visited my sister C for dinner. It had been a few months since we saw each other, so it was good to catch up.
  • Participated in a session about the Dutch national plans for digital twins.
  • Did the preparation for monthly invoicing, as we’re at the end of the month.
  • Met up with Erik Kemp and E for lunch, chatted about his plans for an unconference in Enschede. We shared our own experiences. Fun to meet him face to face.
  • We had niece C over for a sleep-over this weekend. This as Y had invited her cousin and an uncle to witness her swimming and get her B swimming certificate.
  • We drove to the coast to drop off niece C back home, and see their new house that they moved into earlier this month.

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