Several days late, but still. Another busy week. It’s just two more weeks until school holidays and tons of stuff to do beforehand.

This week I

  • Outlined a first action plan for the collaboration of a client with the EC’s JRC, and discussed it with the JRC
  • Participated in an interprovincial session on shaping the digitisation programme for the new governance period of 4 years (regioanl elections were this spring). I am the interprovincial digital ethics programme lead in this.
  • Facilitated the bi-monthly interprovincial ethics committee meeting. There’s an early July deadline for an advisory statement and webinar on the use of generative AI, specifically text generation and its use within regional governments.
  • Helped prepare a submission on the EC’s call for experts for the European Data Innovation Board.
  • Updated the overview of EU data laws I maintain with this month’s developments
  • Discussed a potential contribution to next year’s Belgian national geo-information sector conference. I key noted there last year, and they approached me for a follow-up.
  • Close read a draft digital ethics report and provided feedback to the authors
  • Prepared a review conversation with a client, resulting in writing two proposals for the next 6 months.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had a meeting with the interprovincial ethics working group (with representatives of the twelve provinces)
  • Met monthly payroll.
  • Did some further planning for our entire team’s trip to Portugal in September where we will participate in Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner‘s workshop on systems convening.
  • Did quite a bit of bookkeeping during the weekend for the 2022 corporate tax filings, which are due before I leave for summer holidays.
  • With E and Y drove to Enschede to join C and M’s birthday parties. C and M are our old neighbours.

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