A week with hot summer weather, and with lots to do.
This week I

  • Had a conversation about creating more intergovernmental connections and knowledge exchange about incoming EU legislation.
  • Booked a training with Bev and Etienne Trayner-Wenger early September with our entire team in Portugal, on the topic of ‘systems convening’. Stakeholder networks and how to form them, interact with them is an important element in dealing with the complexity of most of the projects in the public sector we do. Bev and Etienne started organising retreats inspired by E’s very first birthday unconference in 2008, so I’m really glad we are planning to do this training.
  • Had the winter tires taken off the car and the summer tires mounted. A bit late, especially given the weather this week, but in my defense it did take quite a long time for spring to arrive.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Made dinner early Tuesday through Friday because of the 4 day walking event Y is participating in, with E accompanying her. On Friday I joined the festive crowd at the finish line.
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson, and with E to her test exam for her second swimming diploma. In two weeks she can do her exam and then weekly swimming lessons are behind us if all goes well.
  • Finalised the preparations for the Tactical Council of geo data holders within the Dutch government, and helped facilitate the session.
  • Finalised the preparations for the Interprovincial Ethics Committee next week, sending out the documentation for the members etc.
  • Went out for lunch with E in the neighbourhood.
  • Discussed our work for the National Police internally and planned a review conversation with the client.
  • Did some non-fiction book reading and annotation, which was both fun and relaxing, and a relief to finally do for a longer period of time than just a few minutes.
  • Enjoyed the garden and the water side terrace during the weekend.
  • Reread a short book that I first read a decade ago, to help myself get started more easily on tasks and reclaim some of the time that leaks away during the day.
  • We gave Y a used e-reader which she is very happy with.

A row of e-bike dominoes at the local railway station

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    • Not everyone does for sure. We used to live near the German border, and there many did because you need winter tires as soon as your cross the border, which for us was very common (if you have an accident in Germany without them insurance may not cover you). And all those that go to Austria or Switzerland for skitrips will have them too. In general winter tires are locally helpful in the normally more wet and sometimes freezing road conditions during Dutch winters (snow is not much of a concern here in NL). While we do have snow tires ourselves during winter, they’re nothing like the spikes my sister used to have when she lived in Austria.

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