Yesterday I visited the Design Lab at the University Twente for a ‘Career Day’ of the faculty for philosophy of science, technology and society (PSTS). I took part in the 2 year Master programme 20 years ago next to my then job, and was invited with 4 others to talk about what my work after studying there looked like and what role PSTS had in that. It was fun to be back at my old university and walk around campus and it was great to talk with current students, a much more international group than when I was there. Titles like ‘Career Day’ make me shudder, and just the morning before the event I had a brief interaction with Jack Yan how his and my (very different) work over the decades has actually made us unemployable, which I used as a contrast in my talk in the afternoon. My talk’s title was ‘What is it you do, again?‘ and instead of talking about a career, I presented my twisting path.

A session at PSTS Career Day at the University of Twente

My talk was reflective, and thus an opportunity for myself too, so perhaps I’ll reword it a bit and post it here as well.

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