A week that saw some real nice spring weather and a lot of rain too. Temperatures going up and down. And that’s also how my work felt in terms of focus etc.

This week I

  • Spent Monday at our office in Utrecht, to test out a different office space in the same building we may move into.
  • Worked through the responses by various government entities on an impact analysis initiated by the Ministry for the Interior of the EU High Value Data implementing regulation. For the Ministry we’re collating the answers to help decide what could or should be done collectively and what actions remain for individual data holding organisations. Previously I had made a template for answering, yet the results came in a variety of formats and set-ups.
  • Reflected with colleague M on their experiences with us now that they’ve been with us for a full year. There was no contract stuff to be discussed, we’d already put them on a permanent basis last November.
  • Had a team discussion on various factors to help steer our work.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Wrote a short memo to help a client decide to apply for membership of the international data spaces association.
  • Took care of Y who was ill for a day and not at school.
  • Provided some ideas for a potential data project with the statistics office and cadastral office.
  • With colleague F went through the answers to a long open data maturity survey for the EC we are answering on behalf of the Ministry for the Interior. Deadline for submission is May 17th.
  • As digital ethics project lead and secretary of the ethics committee of the twelve provinces I participated in a good discussion about a ‘coalition for digital ethics’ with other government entities (national level, executive bodies etc.). Many different initiatives are current reinventing similar or same wheels and we want to weave that into a network that strengthens all participants. As part of the ‘work agenda digital society’ currently being prepared for Parliament. By beginning of June the plans need to be on the Minister for Digital Affairs’ desk.
  • Wrote a (bi)monthly advisory report for a personal client.
  • Finished the monthly invoicing
  • Participated in the interprovincial digital ethics working group
  • Found some time to do some thinking and making notes
  • Celebrated my birthday with E and Y by going out for dinner. We tried a place we hadn’t been to before that turned out to be not to our liking. So the next day we enjoyed the sun outside a more preferred place while Y played nearby.
  • Experimented with packing our car with our camping gear differently. We have a large tent that makes packing the car a precise puzzle. Now I decided a way (by not packing the tent but putting on top as a large ‘blanket’) that makes things easier. Should save some time this summer and make it less work to relocate between campgrounds.