A busy week but fun week, ending in travel with the three of us.
This week I

  • did some bookkeeping in preparation for next week’s VAT returns
  • facilitated the quarterly meet-up of the tactical council of government geo data holders for the EU data strategy
  • participated in a client’s strategy session for the coming years
  • facilitated the bimonthly meeting of the interprovincial digital ethics committee
  • wrote the minutes and report for that meeting
  • met with a potential new board member for the Open State Foundation. We talked while taking a walk for about two hours as the weather was beautiful.
  • spent a day at the interprovincial ‘day of the digital provinces’, in which the ethics committee I mentioned had a panel discussion. A good opportunity to meet various people face to face.
  • had a conversation with a coop of people who work in data availability and transparency, about a test court case they are considering. I may be able to help with some lines of reasoning , as I’ve done various studies in the past decade that are pertinent to their case.
  • at the request of Y helped out on Friday morning during a sportsevent at school, as the final event before.a two week school break.
  • did the salary round for this month.
  • with E and Y drove to Neuremberg on Saturday. There was quite a bit of traffic, and we took a few detours to avoid major congestions. Which is how we ended up having lunch outside at an otherwise deserted hotel somewhere in the country side.
  • with E surprised Y by at the end of our drive pulling up at the Playmobil hotel next to Playmobil Funpark. She was already very happy with the Playmobil themed hotel room which had two figurines on her pillow, and only then found out there’s an entire theme park next to it.
  • Spent a beautiful day outside at Playmobil Funpark. Y, E and I played with loads of different sets, and after almost 7 hours in the park went completely overboard in the Playmobil shop on the way out. Y had an amazing day, and my inner 6yr old did too and cheered her on.