It was an intensive and fun week. It started with Easter Monday which is a day off in the Netherlands. I spent most of it outside with Y, and reading.

Most of the week was focused on the ‘The Green Land workation’. During the pandemic, we rented cabins for all of us on a holiday park. That way each of us had their own space, and we could still also do things together. We realised that it was a good idea regardless of the pandemic, and decided to make it a yearly event. This week was this year’s workation. The mornings were for individual and client work, the afternoons for team sessions on various topics.

This week I

  • had the weekly client meetings.
  • did a team session on European legislation
  • wrote and submitted a project proposal for a Ministry
  • had fun with our team
  • prepared next week’s Tactical Council meeting
  • prepared next week’s interprovincial ethics committee meeting
  • did some online search and literature research on some questions that reading an SF novel gave me
  • visited Naturalis with E and Y. Naturalis is the Leiden 200 year old natural history museum and national research institute for biodiversity. It re-opened in the fall 2019 after two years of building their new accommodations. It’s a fantastic building, and I loved how they created their exhibits. We spent 4.5 hours inside and enjoyed every minute. From experiencing an earthquake in Japan to walking on Hawaiian lava, from the world’s most completely found T-Rex skeleton, to holding mammoth bones in our hand, from seeing the wide diversity of life forms, to meeting Homo Erectus. Y had a conversation with a member of staff discussing the skulls of various humanoids and she observed there was no Neanderthal amongst the four or five types in front of her. The staff member walked to a crate stored in the wall behind her and came back with a Neanderthal skull for Y to admire and discuss.

The enormous but pleasant main hall and staircase of the Naturalis museum.