It was a busy but fun week. I’m writing this in Malta where I am spending most of the next working week.

Last week I

  • Participated on the first day of a two-day session with the data team of the national cultural heritage agency (RCE). My contribution of course centered on the EU data developments, and the forming of the common European dataspace. RCE is an INSPIRE spatial data holder which means they’re impacted by the High Value Data act and the use of INSPIRE in protecting vulnerable areas including archeological sites in the face of climate changes, and there’s a sectoral data space in the works on cultural heritage too.
  • Spent a day with the National Statistics Office in a large scale workshop on the statistics needed for the Green Deal targets.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had a meeting with two of the people behind the large Dutch Mastodon instance, as we’re initiating a legal entity to ensure stability, be able to responsibly receive donations etc.
  • Wrote the answers to a number of the formal questions from a few provincial parliament members on the composition of the interprovincial digital ethics committee that I’m secretary too.
  • Met up with a Moldovan delegation who were visiting Geonovum w.r.t. cadastral and mapping data and the standards and information models involved. I showed some of the work that Geonovum is doing w.r.t. the shifting focus of standards development from the national level to the European level.
  • Presented to the committee of experts on (sub)soil data standardisation, about the likely impact of the new European data regulations on their work.
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson.
  • Did some gardening while the sun was out, Saturday was a nice mild day.
  • Traveled to Malta on Sunday, where I will be attending the EuroGeographics general assembly most of next week. They’re an association of all European national mapping, cadastral and land registry authorities, both EU and non-EU members (except Russia whose membership is currently suspended).

The view from Valletta’s city walls on Sunday evening.