A regular week. It felt somewhat sluggish, and I spent quite a bit of time musing. That’s a normal occurrence when I’m contemplating writing a presentation (three in the coming week), but it isn’t very effective compared with sitting down and pulling notes together, start outlining etc. In the end it always works out though.

This week I

  • Had a half day meeting with my business partners to discuss ongoing operations for this year.
  • Also had dinner with them, now in our role as shareholders, to discuss a couple of more structural things. Including how to bring our team much more actively in to directing the company’s work.
  • Had a regular review with a colleague on his work on digital ethics for a national law enforcement organisation.
  • Had a good discussion with the Cadastre on the coming common data spaces and their role in it. This was useful input for my presentation in 2 weeks for 50+ heads of European national mapping and cadastral authorities.
  • Did some work on that presentation.
  • With colleague P discussed her work on making an inventory of which algorithms for automated decision making a client uses, and how she described in the newly launched national public sector algorithm register. Plenty of stuff here to turn it into a method, akin to how we previously made data inventories for organisations. To be continued next week.
  • Worked a little bit on a project plan for a client.
  • Had a preparatory discussion with a standards body I will present at next week about the EU data strategy and the consequences of it for soil related dataholders (things like soil sampling, water tables, archeology) and the standards they have and develop for data exchange.
  • Had a group session to restart the work on a national digital twins reference architecture and apply it to a specific case. Central government has made funding available for 4 years, in which our earlier work on this is a building block. So now we get to apply, and test, what we came up with a little over a year ago.
  • This weekend the national ‘book week’ started, so the three of us went to a local bookstore and spent quite a bit of time browsing the shelves. All three of us came home with several books.
  • Spent time on figuring out the API to FreshRSS feedreader. Although my attempts haven’t been very fruitful (it seems the API isn’t able to maintain a relation between groups of feeds and the feeds in a group), it is promising to connect my Micropub feedreader to the feeds in FreshRSS. One issue is that the API is documented from the assumption that you as a user want to connect an existing mobile RSS reader app to it, meaning it provides some examples, but very little on how to actually connect to the API and how to shape requests.