On paper a pretty regular week but it was also a school holiday, meaning that more attention was needed for Y who was at home. To me the week felt somewhat sluggish, and I didn’t finish most of the stuff I had thought to do, so I’m starting the next week with more or less the same set of things to do.

This week I

  • Paid the final company’s taxes for 2021.
  • Went out for lunch with E
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Spent two days on EU data strategy topics
  • Participated in a webinar on the development of the Green Deal data space
  • Outlined a project plan for the digital ethics work for the Dutch provinces and discussed our own potential involvement after our current engagement.
  • Had an internal session about the newly launched national public sector algorithm register, to discuss how we can assist our public sector clients in filling/using that register
  • Did the monthly invoicing.
  • Went to the library and to the weekly swimming lesson with Y.
  • Made a small tool to more easily link to notes in my filesystem from annotations I make in Hypothes.is in my browser.
  • Updated my Now page.
  • Went for coffee and a small short theater show with the three of us on Sunday morning.
  • Enjoyed making a good number (25) of new Notions in my ‘Garden of forking paths‘, my PKM system, this week.

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