My first reaction to the open letter calling to ‘Pause Giant AI Experiments‘ is one of suspicion. It doesn’t at all read like a call for genuine reflection on generative models nor like a call for actual inclusivity of stakeholders concerned. It’s still a techno-optimistic promise as we see all the time, and an invitation to place our trust in bigtech. Given some of the signatories it feels like market protection too. Sort-of like how large re-users of government data all of a sudden were happy to pay a lot for data access, after lobbying for free access for decades, when they discovered free data meant a much lower barrier to entry for new players. Which makes me wonder who the pause is actually useful for.

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  1. @ton Precies wat ik dacht. Sowieso gaat die pauze er niet komen, hoe dan ook. En toch, al riekt al die AI berichtgeving naar mijn mening nogal naar hype, het _is_ potentieel wel “disruptive”. Ik voel de zorg ook wel een beetje.

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