A regular week, with again time for me to do some focused writing.
This week I

  • Finished and submitted the VAT filings for last quarter
  • Had a chat with Bev and Etienne about potentially joining one of their trainings with our entire team
  • Wrote a template and introduction for the impact assessment for the implementation of the EU High Value Data list by government data holders.
  • Updated the EU data regulation overview in Dutch I maintain for a client
  • Did the January invoicing for the company.
  • Prepared next weeks quarterly meeting of the Dutch government geo data holders.
  • Started planning the bimonthly meetings of the interprovincial ethics committee I’m secretary of.
  • Prepared the laptop for our newest team member and handed it over on her first day
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Spent half a day at an event, Datawerkplaats, of Utrecht University and the city of Amersfoort which was fun, and a good opportunity to meet a variety of people.
  • Took Y to an early morning dentist visit and to her weekly swimming lesson
  • While E put together a whole stack of new drawers and cabinets for our top floor, I brought one of the desks up there to my room as a replacement for my old desk. Also put in a small cabinet with drawers. This should make it possible to keep my work room uncluttered. One more set of drawers is to arrive tomorrow, and then we can use the top floor as our making space. With all the various materials and tools in place.

Near Amersfoort city hall in neon:
Everything can be beauty,
the seemingly good and
the apparent evil
The revelation of the true
may seem cruel to us
but loveliness is not
always the beautiful.
A quote from Piet Mondriaan’s Natural and Abstract Reality, a trialogue, 1919