David Libeau keeps a list of small Mastodon tools. One of them is a scheduler for Mastodon posts. I can schedule posts for Mastodon inside this site, by scheduling them here in WordPress and autoposting to my Mastodon account. However Libeau’s tool is a tiny tool one can self-host. I installed it locally on a webserver on my laptop and tested its use.

It works by making API calls to my (own) Mastodon instance. In your Mastodon settings, hit developers and add an application, and copy its API key. Take that API key to login to your Mastodon instance in the interface of the scheduler. That’s all. It currently doesn’t support adding media to posts, nor having multiple Mastodon profiles to post to. Because of the latter I have two copies in my laptop’s webserver, one for my personal account and one for my work account.

A screenshot of the scheduler’s interface, showing a scheduled post.

A screenshot of a post made with the scheduler, the same as shown in the image above.

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