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Interestingly, it seems that isn’t what gets exposed through the API. I don’t think I have any specific limits on the WP API. When I look at the API call to list my site’s users it lists authors, but not by their user names. Listed are the user’s chosen name shown on blogposts and a slug that seems to be based on roles. Whereas the AP plugin did expose the actual usernames I log in with. Users in my site that don’t have postings attached to them are also not listed at all.

Just FYI, but if you don’t disable (parts of) WordPress’s JSON API, these usernames are already exposed to the public.

Jan Boddez

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  1. That’s interesting. You must be using a plugin (or filter), then, to change author slugs?
    One of the issues I had was that I filter my author URL to have it point to the homepage, and redirect requests. Seems the ActivityPub plugin doesn’t like that—i.e., it will simply not work.
    Another is that I, too, would love to be able to exclude categories.
    A third issue is with aggregators, like Aperture, that support both microformats and Activity Streams and prioritize the latter, which may cause a suboptimal reading experience.
    It’d also be nice if we could have articles be “Article” and notes be “Note.” I think right now the ActivityPub plugin handles all post types the same. That way Mastodon users would see only a title and link for long-form posts, but get the complete note for short-form post types.

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