The final week of the year. We gave everyone the week off, including myself (which I almost entirely honoured).
This week I

  • Returned on Monday from the Christmas weekend at E’s parents
  • Did a lot of nothing, hanging out with Y in Animal Crossing for instance
  • Went to the cinema with E and Y to see the fun stop-motion movie ‘Knor’, followed by a lunch together in town.
  • Spent an afternoon and evening doing the final 2021 tax submission for my company, and did the final invoicing for 2022.
  • Made some progress in the conceptual design of using ActivityPub to share travel plans Dopplr style from this blog.
  • Drove to Switzerland on Friday with E and Y visiting friends for New Years Eve. Very good to catch up.

During a walk, a view over Halwilersee in Aargau towards the Luzern alps and the Berner Oberland.