A useful tip from Nicole van der Hoeven that I adopted in the past days: using the title of a note also as a linked heading inside the note. Especially since the change in Obsidian that de-emphasizes the title of a note in the interface. My note titles are meaningful, Andy Matuschak style, and usually result from writing the note or from writing another note from which it branches off. (My titles also contain a timestamp ensuring they’re unique and providing the ability to place a note in time. Example: “Optimal unfamiliarity 20040107122600”) Having it as primary header in the note itself means I will more likely think about improving the title when I develop the note over time.

Personally, I put the filename as a heading, but I also put it as a link. When I rename the file, the link (which is also the heading), automatically updates.
Nicole van der Hoeven

Screenshot of what that looks like in practice:

Screenshot of a note title optimal unfamaliarity with its title as a header linking to the note itself

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    • Yes, the titles are the file names.

      It used to be that in Obsidian the file name was prominently visible above the content. Now the title has been made less visible, meaning if I’m in a note it is not immediately obvious what note I’m in unless I make the effort to read the truncated filename shown in small font at the top of the tab.

      Adding the title in the note itself as a level 1 header is a solution (which Obsidian also supports as a setting btw). Then it is always clear in which note I am. Turning it into a link also ensures that if I change the filename the header will change accordingly.

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