The streak of crazy weeks got extended by one more. Whatever happens next week is the final one, after that it’s AFK and pen down for two weeks. Much needed too.

This week I

  • Did lots of bookkeeping on Monday, and this entire Sunday, while E and Y went ice skating, until 22:00. Finally finished up my taxes for E and my personal companies, and for my holding company. Early next week I need to finalise taxes for the final entity, and then what I had intended to do early November is behind me, over 5 weeks late.
  • Took Y gift hunting for a birthday party she attended this week
  • Created and gave a short presentation about ActivityPub and Mastodon during an open meet-up of the Dutch Forum for Standardisation (which sets the government’s mandatory and recommended open standards). A fun meet-up and good conversation, triggered ofcourse by the chaos at Twitter, but the conversation quickly moved passed that and focussed on ActivityPub and governance.
  • Facilitated an evening long unconference, as final session of the yearly Masterclass Network Politics organised by Internet Society Netherlands. I’ve done this before, and it’s fun. During the final session all current participants and a number of participants of earlier editions decide on a few topics to revisit or discuss more. In three rounds we addressed almost a dozen topics. The atmosphere was great. I enjoy it when everyone is eagerly contributing substance to conversations.
  • Continuing on from last week’s process memo and discussion with decision makers, this week saw a second round of it. Meaning I spent a long evening writing up a decision document, which then went through a few iterations with the client, to ensure a decision was taken this week. All mostly to ensure that the administrative reality reflects the reality on the ground, because the steps it decides on would have been taken anyway. It did contain some budget provisions for next year already, so that’s progress.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Discussed a Green Deal statistical dashboard with the Dutch Statistics Office, to get a sense of what they’re planning to do with it
  • Prepared a session with the Ministry for the Interior for early February, as kick-off of the implementation process of the EU High Value Data list
  • Had a planning session of a visit by the Dutch minister for digitisation which will take place in January
  • Visited a client’s Christmas party
  • Made to presentations about the impact of EU data regulation for a province and for a combined session with speakers from the Minsitry for the Interior and the Cadastral Office. The latter was a good session.
  • Participated in a workshop about GAIA-X and the EU data space(s), which was useful to get a view about the latest steps taken
  • Discussed a potential project with the National Police, and received a RFP from a client for most of my time for next year.
  • Spent a lovely evening over dinner with my team, at the home of my business partner F. Celebrating Christmas and looking back at this year. Next week we’ll take a full day to look at next year. The final week of the year we’re giving everyone off from work, so they won’t have to take paid leave for it. It was a busy year, and it’s time to take a rest.
  • Had conversations with a range of people we invited to join the interprovincial ethics committee. By mid next week we’ll have finalised the members list, so we can start mid January.
  • Had a haircut
  • Went into the city center with E and Y Saturday morning for coffee, some shopping and poffertjes, steaming hot in the sub-zero temperatures this week.
  • Finished the week with a power outage, during dinner tonight the entire street went dark. Took some 90 minutes or so.

The roof of the early 17th century Theatrum Anatomicum in the 15th century Waag building in Amsterdam. In this space I hosted my unconference for the Masterclass Network Politics Monday evening.

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