Another overly busy and high speed week, but it should be a bit less hectic and more manageable after this one.

This week I

  • Had a half day of sessions on the Dutch intergovernmental data strategy at an event with 300 participants. I came away somewhat worried as it seems that the rol of geo-information in it is rather invisible, and that the Dutch strategy talks about the connection to the European data strategy as a hierarchical one which seems a fundamental misunderstanding of what’s in the works.
  • Had the weekly client meetings.
  • Got asked to talk about ActivityPub for the Dutch general standardisation body during an informal meet-up.
  • Worked on a memo on the EU High Valu Data implementation for the strategic government geo-information council
  • Had a conversation with the Ministry for the Interior about the implementation of the EU High Value Data list, and the process for an implementation review to be conducted by government data holders early next year. Such reviews are generally free format, but we suggested using the impact framework that was part of the original advice about these datasets I co-authored for the European Commission in 2020, and structure the impact on costs along the same lines. This so the reviews are comparable between dataholders.
  • Presented and participated in the interprovincial digital agenda project leaders meeting.
  • Participated in a preparatory call for a visit of the deputy minister for the interior in January to a client.
  • Had an interview with a potential new hire for our team.
  • Had the monthly all hands half-day meeting with our team.
  • Got re-elected as treasurer of the Open Nederland association for two years, at the fall general assembly. Open Nederland is the Dutch Creative Commons chapter, and represents makers and creatives.
  • Had a conversation with a potential member of the interprovincial digital ethics committee we are forming, to explain the plans for it.
  • Took on the role of project lead for the digital ethics projects at the interprovincial body, from January 1st. The current project lead is leaving, and for the final 3 months they don’t want to bring in a new face.
  • Participated in a session about the Data Spaces Support Centre, to hear more about their work planning for the coming year(s)
  • Spent a day on creating a presentation about the positioning of the strategic government geo-information council in the context of European data strategy developments. To be presented at, and turned into a memo after, next week’s meeting of the council.
  • Went and picked out a new Christmas tree.
  • Celebrated Sinterklaas with E’s family in our home. Only Y is still in the age of believing in Sinterklaas, so we mixed it with the exchange of crafted Sinterklaas surprises for the rest of us. It took some hours for me to craft a factory building, with lighting inside, and a machine in the middle. Inside the machine the actual present for nephew M. was hidden. It was fun to have everyone over.
  • Launched an experiment to play with computer generated texts.

The factory I crafted from the outside, not shown is the machine and control room light switch on the inside, nor the accompanying poem.

2 reactions on “Week Notes 48-22

  1. Geniet erg van alle goede zaken waar je je voor inzet. Ik lees vooral veel gesprekken en bijeenkomsten maar snap dat hele teams dan de boel bewaarheid proberen te maken.

    Wel benieuwd hoe goed deze ideeën, plannen en projecten allemaal landen in vaak bestaande systemen en mensen die de cultuur die dit meebrengt verre van gewend zijn. Is dat misschien nog wel de grootste uitdaging het traject na implementatie?

    • Dank je wel Erik, ja werk is meestal het vlechten van verbindingen tussen mensen en acties, en zo toewerken naar uitkomsten. De projecten waar ik in zit zijn veelal redelijk concreet, maar de uitvoering is vooral mensen in beweging brengen en ze voeden met wat ze nodig hebben voor de verandering. En dat is veel praten, inderdaad.

      Verandering zijn niet zelden pas na langere tijd zichtbaar. Soms jaren. Dus het is geduld hebben. Herhalen is ook nodig, de doorstroming in organisaties is groot, en het collectief geheugen vaak gebrekkig.

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