This week flew by, and some of the things that stressed me out last week are now dealt with. Some remain for next week, but the load is diminishing. That is welcome.

This week I

  • Participated in a half day session with the team behind the intergovernmental data strategy, to discuss how to ensure its alignment with, and making good use of the EU data strategy and single market for data, the EU dataspace(s)
  • Did a range of interviews with government geo-data holders to hear about how they see the relationshop between the Dutch national geo-information infrastructure and the EU data strategy, and what that means for next year’s agenda for the strategic government geo-information council. To be turned into a presentation and memo next week.
  • Attended the book presentation of Nicholas Ind and Orial Iglesias at Rotterdam University. Nicholas and I met in January 2003 when I joined the Medinge Group. It was good to reconnect after about a decade. There were several current members, also from the Netherlands, of the Medinge Group in attendance and that was fun too. The vibe is still as it was, one of curiosity and vitality. The book presentation for me connected some thoughts around how we advice our clients on data ethics, and how we connect that to our own organisation and our own role in the wider world, or should. Something to spend some more time thinking about.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Facilitated a half day workshop on the data issues around the Dutch energy transition program, and whether the new EU data laws provide instruments that can help diminish the obstacles as they were encountered in the past three years. A lively discussion with about 20 participants from the major Dutch government geo-data holders.
  • Started planning a range of conversations with potential members of an interprovincial ethics committee.
  • Participated in a half day session with the twelve provinces involved in the interprovincial digitisation program. Did two rounds of a short workshop connecting our data ethics work with them to the other parts of that program.
  • Spent half a day at the office.
  • Had a conversation about the implementation of the Data Governance Act, specifically about the constitution of the Data Governance Board
  • Caught up with Antti Poikola, with whom I worked on open data projects a decade ago (a.o. co-authoring the Open Data Handbook). He’s working on the Data Spaces Support Centre, which is relevant to my work with Dutch government concerning the forming of the Green Deal Dataspace and the imolementation of the Data Governance Act, as well as the EU High Value Data list.
  • Met payroll for our team
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson
  • With E and Y went into town to prepare for the Sinterklaas party next weekend
  • Moved my Mastodon instance to a new domain on my VPS.

Oriol Iglesias (l) and Nicholas Ind (r) present their book at Rotterdam University