I didn’t blog my Week Notes last week. It was a busy week, with an active weekend that included a museum visit, and it just didn’t happen. Mostly because I spent the entire Sunday doing the bookkeeping for the quarterly VAT returns, and had enough of my laptop screen to do the week notes in the evening.

This week was a busy one too. I

  • spent quite a bit of time on financial stuff for the company, not all of it very productive in the end but quite demanding in terms of attention.
  • Edited a MoU for a client between them and the EC
  • Participated in a session of all the provinces discussing a national AI algorithm register, and the expected impact of the EU AI Regulation
  • Reached out to the consortia for both the Green Deal Dataspace and the Data Space Support Centre preparations to meet-up
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had two meetings at Y’s school for conversations about how they support faster-than-average learners, and how they specifically cater to Y’s learning needs. This was very good and helpful, also because during the pandemic we simply weren’t able to do this type of sit down and chat. I trust this is well organised and pedagogically sound. Y’s a happy pupil now, and I’ll remain alert to see it stays that way. My own experience is a clear example of the type of thing to avoid.
  • With the help of colleagues am accelerating the tracking work I’m doing w.r.t. EU datspaces, related legislation outside the 6 major parts of the EU legal framework for data and digital, and a few events to discuss them.
  • Evaluated a recent session with the National Statistics Office, and discussed with them the next steps to take.
  • Went and got a covid booster jab. The next day I had a major headache, and heightened temperature for part of the day, so I took to be for a few hours and slept.
  • Discussed the angle to take and outline of a position paper I’m writing for the Dutch national geo-information board, with the primary client within the Ministry for the Interior. A helpful conversation to ensure that the contents of the paper get used
  • Saw my blog reach 20 years, which I had to commemorate with a blogpost.
  • Spent more time than I should have on watching the #twittermigration to Mastodon unfold. A very large influx of my network into this environment has been going on.
  • Launched a Mastodon instance for my company on the back of that migration wave. An experiment to see if it can mean something different for how we interact with our business ecosystem.
  • Joined Y and E in their exploration of ‘Texel’ our island in Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch that we have had here for the past two weeks. It’s fun because it’s collaborative in setting, allowing the three of us to interact in different ways. Y is the island’s spokesperson so she has more control over how things unfold than we do.
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson
  • Dropped off a car load of baby and toddler gear at the neighbourhood circular / second-hand shop, for other parents to put to good use.
  • Helped E connect her blog to her new Mastodon account (on my personal instance, which now is a household instance)

Like every year the park around the corner is exploding with fly agarics this fall. This one was almost like a satellite dish, pointing slightly tilted at the sky.