A busy but regular week, where I somewhat felt I was getting on top of things again.
This week I

  • Presented to a wider group of client colleagues about the coming EU regulations w.r.t. data.
  • Made a first draft outline for a keynote I am to give in Brussels early October
  • Did some invoicing
  • Had a team meeting of our project w.r.t. a provincial ethics committee, and a client team meeting as well
  • Had a session with the ethics working group of all provinces
  • Made and gave a presentation to a client’s program board
  • Prepared a half day session with Dutch government geo data holders
  • Did a half day session with those agencies
  • Had lunch with E in the city, and visited the local photo collective’s exposition space. I gave E a year of free access on her birthday
  • Had our monthly half day meeting with our team. It was good to have the team, with a new colleague, together and have time for conversations.
  • Met payroll
  • Had my sister and brother in law visit, who live in Portugal. We went into the city and chatted over lunch, and while walking around town, despite the rain

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