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Ha, neat idea for a digital preservation strategy. Getting an ISBN number isn’t very expensive, 106 EUro for 1 or 28 Euro if you buy ten. With one, curation is key. With 10 it’s easy to do uncurated volumes in chronological order. Then do vanity press printing runs, to get the 2 copies of each to send to the Royal Library to save for posterity. Sounds like fun. If you’d do volumes, you don’t have to worry about timing, except for the final posts after the last volume. Maybe a last posthumous publication. If it is to be one book only, then choosing the right moment becomes important all of a sudden.

Which gets me back to this website. My intentions are to someday publish its contents in the form of a book, which can also be stored at the KBR

Wouter Groeneveld

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  1. Now this is amusing but I do wonder who on earth would want to read my blog rambles after I pass….!

    (On an aside, how do you get your comments on other’s blogs to post into your blog? What a genius idea). I’m forever posting bits of stuff everywhere on other people’s blogs and it would be great to capture them this way…)

    • The short answer to your last question is WebMention, a more versatile version of earlier things like pingback and trackback. I’ll mail you with some pointers.

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