This week school started again, which gives us a fixed starting point to the day in our effort to get Y to school on time. I hoped it would help me take the steering wheel during my week, but although it did help me do that, it didn’t feel like it. Yet, I hope.

This week I

  • Had several conversations with the client about the start of our work on a provincial ethics committee, and started documenting the different perspectives we heard to come to a proposal.
  • Watched some video from the Render conference on tools for thinking
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Did some renewed close reading of the pending implementation act for EU high value data on what is and what is not said about APIs
  • Met a potential new hire and created a contract proposal for them.
  • Discussed use cases around data usage where the Dutch national intergovernmental data strategy and the EU data strategy overlap, with the team at the responsible ministry.
  • Had a conversation with the team of the BeGeo conference, Belgium’s main geospatial sector conference. I will be keynoting there early October, taking the forming EU dataspaces as the starting point.
  • Did some invoicing and met payroll
  • Participated in an event by Open State Foundation (on whose board I sit) at the Amsterdam naval yard. It was very warm and many people were swimming in the harbour while we were inside the conference room. The event was fun, good to see new team members and talk to various people from the OSF network.
  • Spent most of Friday and the weekend in the north, for the annual camping weekend with E’s extended family. E and I used the opportunity to also visit the nearby Drents Museum to see the Nebra disc, and Rembrandt’s Standardbearer which was recently acquired by the Dutch state.
  • Received and started reading a 1970 copy of “Technik des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens” by J.E. Heyde first published in 1930, which currently attracts some curiousity and interest in the personal knowledge management scene as to the origin of certain note taking practices.

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