Posting this a day later than the customary Sunday evening. Mostly because I’m not quite back into my normal rhythm yet.

The past week I

  • Took the car in to get its yearly safety check
  • Experimented a bit with OPML inclusion, towards building a social graph of sorts around blogrolls
  • Discussed how make more of our work in my company repeatable more easily. Replication with modifications across contexts is a way to ‘scale’ some of our efforts better.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Discussed a use case for the Green Deal dataspace w.r.t. nitrogen deposition in nature preserves
  • Read all the feedback received on the EC’s public consultation of the EU High Value Data list, specifically those connect to the themes I advised on in 2020, earth observation, environment and meteorology.
  • Discussed my findings with the EC DG CNECT team. Will follow up next week on one or two details and a more recent draft of the final text.
  • Spent a day at our offices
  • Had a meeting with a potential new hire, and gave them an offer, but they decided to accept a different job. Still in conversation with others.
  • Had our monthly all hands meeting, this time in person
  • Played with GPT-3 to create some highly intriguing texts.
  • Had a meeting concerning two participating organisations who are both my current clients. It made me their interpreter translating what I know of both their workings into the language of the other.
  • Had a great conversation with an ethics professor and part of my team about a potential ethics committee for Dutch provinces w.r.t. digitisation and data usage. This is part of an assignment that runs into the next year.
  • Spent a day with Y, a.o. building a Playmobil medieval tower that was re-issued recently, as well as my original version from 40 years ago. Y loves that these structures can be reconfigured and earlier mentioned she would like more of such parts. Now she can mix up 2 of the same towers.
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson for the first time in 5 weeks due to our vacation
  • Took some time to properly read a few articles and write some new notions for my pkm collection. Writing my own conceptual notes is work but also relaxing
  • With E and Y visited E’s brother for the birthday of a niece. A fun day outside in the shade.
  • Experimented with the API and in general.

Two towers, the 2022 Playmobil 70953 set left, and on the right the 1979 set 3445 I bought as a kid. 40 years on Y is combining them into her play.

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