This first week after our summer vacation started with a bunch of meetings. I had thought I’d be able to take stock of everything first, after my absence. In reality it was more like immideately jumping back into everything.

Ths week I:

  • Had a range of internal meetings, such as the monthly session with our team where we share the company’s financials with everyone
  • Caught up with clients, and discussion with the JRC
  • Incorporated more details about the EU High Value Data list in the overview I keep for a client about the developing EU legal framework
  • Had two sessions discussing the Dutch national database for flora and fauna. It holds data both collected by public sector bodies, as well as private entities. They are currently reshaping their collaboration as well as the technical infrastructe, and doing that in a changing national and European legal landscape. This makes it complicated to determine exactly the levels of openness and transparency and forms of re-use that can be accomodated.
  • Had a haircut
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Visited the office with Y
  • Discussed plans of one of our team to travel for 5 months.
  • Drove to E’s parents Friday afternoon, where we dropped off Y for a sleepover, while E and I continued on to Bremen in Germany. There we attended the wedding of our friends Gerrit and Christina. It was a fun and relaxing party.
  • On our way back from Germany we picked up Y again, visited a small exhibition of E’s mother’s photo work, and had dinner with E’s parents.