There’s a new possible excuse for being late for an appointment: my e-scooter was geofenced and it was a further ensuing walk than expected.
When I went to school ‘the bridge was open‘ was a classic excuse for being late. The 21st century is providing a new one.

This weekend E and I attended a wedding in Bremen. The church service was some way outside of the city center (a 15 minute bike ride, 5km). Another friend of ours, who was definitely already in town, was running late. He finally came in when the service started. Turns out the e-scooter service he used was the cause. First because the scooter’s speed was capped very low. Second because an unexpected long walk remained after the e-scooter bumped into its geo-fenced range limit and shut down.

Here in the Netherlands e-scooters of the kick scooter type are not allowed in traffic, meaning if you use one you’re not insured for anything and the thing can be impounded, so they are absent from our city streets.
I checked and there seem to be 6 e-scooter services available in Bremen. With 6 service providers could a wider geo-fenced range become a competitive edge?

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