Somehow it is hard for me to find any comments I make in (h.) on the annotations of others. If I don’t remember on which annotation I commented it even becomes impossible. If someone else has responded to my comment, I get an e-mail with a link and that is the only reliable way I know to retrieve my own comments. H. help files don’t seem to mention it.

I would expect any comments I make to appear in my own overview of annotations, but they don’t.

Here’s a comment I made on an annotation by another user (screenshot below).

Notice I tagged the comment with ‘zettelkasten’.

The comment does not appear in my general overview of annotations I made, although it is in itself an annotation.

The comment also does not appear when searching my own profile using the tag I added to the comment.

I see Chris Aldrich filed the same issue, last February, but got no response. I added my own comment there to perhaps make the issue visible again.

5 reactions on “ Oddity In Retrieving Own Comments

  1. @ton what a strange problem! So if you’re not actively exporting your comments right after you’re written them down, they’re effectively lost? That’s disappointing.

    I have often considered using h. over Instapaper for some webpages that don’t render well in Instapaper. But something has always held me back. I suppose this adds to that pile.

  2. @nitinkhanna yes, if it’s a comment on someone else’s annotation. Annotations I make on an article are all accounted for, but if I reply to an existing annotation by another user I can only revisit them if I remember where I made them, or if it got a reply in which case I have an e-mail alert set.

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