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  1. i understand but what are you trying to do — are you rendering it somehow? is there some software looping over it? if not, it’ll just do what you think it should, you’ll end up with the same thing included within itself. it’s up to you to figure out what that means.

  2. tested, and it does as you say. It loads the include when you click it in the including file. I thought it might ‘runaway’ if it loads includes automatically before clicking, then you might get and endless loop. 1/2

  3. that’s why i was asking the context. in some situations it will iterate. but i’m not even sure there are any in drummer. maybe searching? i don’t know.

  4. What I’m playing around with is: A blog shares their feeds, but in the opml includes links to the opml feed sets of those blogs, who do that too etc. If enough of the blogs one follows do that, you’d get an explorable ‘social graph’ of sorts.

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