I think I’m all set to start annotating more in Hypothes.is. My set-up syncs with Obsidian, and Hypothes.is has both an API and RSS so I can pipe it into other things when needed. One thing I’m curious about is how my use of language will take shape. My Obsidian notes are a mix of Dutch and English, with Dutch forming the bigger part. A few of my notes are written in German.
Hypothes.is aims for social annotation. My idiosyncratic mix of Dutch and English, as well as my personal shorthand may well stand in the way of that. Will if self-censor and only use English, or will I keep writing the way I do on my local system? We’ll see how that takes shape in practice.

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  1. @pratik @ton I bet that’s exactly what I want, Hypothes.is synced to Readwise and thence to Obsidian via the Readwise plugin. “Feeds two birds with one seed” as a friend of mine likes to say (a less violent alternative to “kill two birds with one stone”).

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