Favorited Horton Hears a Whostyle by Jacob Hall

Whostyle is applying to the comments and quotes on your site the CCS style of the author. Meaning that if I quote you in a blogpost that blockquote would look the same as if it was posted on your site. Same colors, borders, fonts etc. That way your personal web styling carries with your content. This makes it very easy to recognise who you’re quoting. Your CSS as sort of the timbre of your voice. Look at the link and the comments to that posting to see it in action. I love the idea, and several people in my feed reader already use it / support it. I don’t fancy the time sink I suspect this is to implement.

Back in 2018, Kicks Condor, sphygmus, and others came up with “whostyles.” The idea is that when a website displays a post reply that was written by someone else, the reply is displayed using the style (i.e. CSS rules) of that person’s website. A couple weeks ago, I was chatting with Angelo and Maxwell at a Homebrew Website Club meeting, and we came across this idea. I feel like it would fit right in to our webmention dreams at the IndieWeb, and I thought it would be fun to implement whostyles on my own site.

Jacob Hall

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