Bookmarked Livewired (by Robin Rendle)

Robin Rendle mentions how David Eagleman’s Livewired posits cortical takeover (if you don’t use your eyes, other body-mapped brainfunctions will takeover that region of your brain) as a reason for dreaming. To prevent a hostile take-over of your visual cortex. Reminds me of a previous article I read that posits dreaming as a way of keeping your brain from overfitting. That last one by Erik Hoel of Tufts University, enables falsifiable hypotheses w.r.t. sleep shortages etc. Does Eagleman’s theory do too? Will need to read the underlying article.

..we dream so that the parts of our brain that control our legs or ears or nose don’t “override” our eyes during the night. That’s wild!

Robin Rendle w.r.t. David Eagleman’s Livewired