A pretty regular week, no hurry, yet filled. Y was at home at the start of the week, as her teacher had a training day (this happens 2 days per quarter).

This week I

  • acquired a bluetooth keyboard for my Android tablet. I had taken the tablet with me to Montenegro last month and realised having a keyboard for it would speed up my writing. This way I don’t need my laptop when traveling for leisure.
  • Discussed data issues w.r.t. nitrogen deposition in rural areas with a province
  • Finalised the retirement insurance arrangements for our employees, and had a session with our team where our external retirement adviser presented the choices made.
  • Worked on a memo and a presentation for a higher level meeting next week about the impact of EU regulations on the Dutch national geo-information infrastructure.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had our monthly all-hands meet-up of the company
  • Had a good conversation with Michell Thorne, catching up and talking about the intersection of digital rights and climate justice, and how that might play out for my company
  • Participated in a workshop on Dutch initiatives and the EC’s effort concerning the forming of the Green Deal dataspace
  • Spent a morning using the garden as my office as the weather was lovely
  • Took Y to her weekly swimming lesson
  • Visited the city center with E and Y on both days of the weekend. Browsing for books, sipping coffee, getting some replacement camping gear in preparation for our summer vacation, listening to some live music, having lunch, all of which was nice and relaxed.
  • Joined the monthly ‘Microblog Republic of Readers’ meet-up, this time about books with a personal resonance.

Tried out a nice new coffee place, in a 17th century building next to the old city gate Kamperbinnenpoort (13th century). Part of it looks out over the city moat.