It was a busy week, with steadily rising temperatures into the ‘very summery’ range. I was glad I had prepared for this week before I made my trip to Montenegro last week, because otherwise it would have been stressful. Now it went smooth enough.

This week I

  • Finally had the winter tires replaced for the summer tires
  • Spent Monday in our office, working on company internal stuff
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Landed two new requests for project proposals in conversations
  • Prepared for and participated in a panel at a conference on the quality of the government’s information household
  • Prepared for the quarterly meeting with all major Dutch government geo data holders. Particularly the incoming EU High Value Data obligations and the connection between the Green Deal policy goals and data availability were in focus.
  • Attended and presented at that meeting
  • Discussed a new version of an illustration I want to use to explain what the European dataspaces will be like
  • Annotated a recent letter by the Minister responsible for digitisation and data to the Parliament, which describes the government’s plans in this area, to figure out the connections with EU policy, and our ongoing work for clients.
  • Picked strawberries on our balcony and roof terrace
  • Went for a drink on a terrace with E while Y was playing at a classmate’s
  • Enjoyed the garden over the weekend