I’m posting this a week late, as I started travel last Sunday, before my usual writing time for these week notes.
Because of that travel it was a busy week, preparing material for several commitments the week after, because there won’t be time to prepare after my return.

This week I

  • Took a deep dive into the proposal for mandatory open environmental data within the EU High Value Data list, following up from last week’s first read through. It’s a broad list, and it does include (real time) measurements not just static material. The list is I think neatly anchored in different existing reporting obligations countries have, not in a limiting way but stating that anything originating in the context of what those reporting obligations cover is in scope. It’s a better anchoring I think than what came out of the study I did for this in 2020, where it was connected to a list called the ‘priority data sets for e-reporting’. That is similar, but the current proposal refers back to the underlying law texts, meaning a much more sound fundament.
  • Participated in a workshop for the European Commission to help define new themes that will be covered by the EU High Value Data obligations
  • Informed the Dutch government data holders involved in the EU High Value Data list of my interpretations and questions after reading the proposal.
  • Finally added the last apps to my new phone, finding the headspace for it as the need to transfer them was rising with travel on the horizon
  • Did a workshop on risk management for a project I’m involved in, and for the client the project is for.
  • Annotated a list of potential data use cases tied to the Green Deal, in preparation for a workshop during my absence
  • With E hosted Y’s party for her 6th birthday, ending with pancakes in the nearby pancake restaurant.
  • Wrote and submitted a proposal to a new client to explore the open data and data sharing aspects of a national database in which very diverse stakeholders, both public and private, pool data, and where part of that data is sensitive.
  • Did the monthly invoicing for my company
  • Had a discussion with a client about the strategic choices before them w.r.t. taking on work and roles in an EU context
  • On Friday morning booked a new plane ticket for my travel on Sunday, as I originally planned to travel with E’s brother S. He had to cancel, but as he booked both our tickets, cancelling his flight meant cancelling mine as well. Luckily, though not cheaply, I could still get a ticket.
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson
  • Flew to Dubrovnik in Croatia, and then traveled onwards by coach to the mountains of Montenegro, for the start of a trip with 70 others, celebrating the 30th anniversary of a student club I was a member of. As Schiphol airport had seen enormous waiting lines and times in the past days, meaning people missed their flights, I reactivated (having deactivated it at the start of the pandemic) my Amsterdam airport speed-through-all-the-controls-within-minutes membership card (it also allows you to bypass all passport controls through iris recognition), and took a very early taxi to the airport. I was early enough to breeze through everything and spent the remainder of my waiting time reading and making notes in a lounge. Just before dark I found myself above a skiing area in the north east of Montenegro.

My Sunday morning flight to Dubrovnik this week.