This week started with me feeling very uncomfortable and restless. Mostly because I had no overview of everything that is going on, while realising that I will be away for a week soon, and the week after that trip has multiple commitments that require focused preparation. Monday I used to get on top of everything again, and once that was done I felt much better. This week I:

  • Got to grips with everything going on again
  • Planned our summer holiday and booked a camp ground
  • Arranged lodging for a brief visit to Bremen, Germany, to attend the wedding of friends this summer
  • Sent in a proposal to talk about IndieWeb in WordPress at the Netherlands WordPress Camp in September
  • Sent in the speaker info for a conference on government information management mid June, where I’ll talk about the significance of the EU’s incoming data / digital legal framework
  • Finalised the retirement program for our employees, pending their agreement in a meeting mid June
  • Watched/attended a number of online sessions on personal knowledge management. Most I found not containing anything new to me but still took away a few interesting nudges / ideas. It was in itself a good exercise in processing talks for interesting things
  • Wrote a briefing for an illustrator to turn an existing image that I use to explain the coming EU dataspace in presentations into a standalone self-explanatory illustration
  • Saw the EU’s High Value Data list published, 20 months after we submitted our research underpinning that list. Did a first close reading to write up for clients, Dutch government dataholders, and a quick overview for my blog.
  • Prepared with a client team and their client a quarterly meet-up of all government geodata holders for mid June
  • Prepared a workshop on data use cases in the context of the Green Deal and EU dataspace, to be held during the week I’m away.
  • Did the montly salaries payments for our team
  • Discussed improving our client contract management
  • Had a very good conversation with Peter, the first of my ‘UnOffice’ conversations. Two other such conversations are planned.
  • Played a bit with the Hypothesis API, and ended up installing an existing Obsidian plugin to grab annotations. I still want to create something to grab annotations of my own blogposts.
  • Thursday was a national holiday, we used for a day trip. Y in school had seen an image of a house standing on its roof, and by coincidence I came across a venue that has a house like that and other stuff on mind tricks and optical illussions. So we visited and later enjoyed lunch outside at the shore of a small lake.
  • Friday school was closed, so we and Y used it to prepare for her birthday party on Saturday (and partly on Sunday)
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson, while E took our elderly cat to the vet. The swimming lesson was cut short as our cat had to be put down, so we hurried to the vet to say goodbye. This is the first time in over 20 years there’s no cat in our home.
  • Retrieved our car, once more repaired.
  • Had our family visiting for Y’s sixth birthday, which made for a fun weekend.

unwrapping gifts with her grandparents, around the dining table. Notice the skeelers Y’s wearing, she unwrapped those at 7am, immediately put them on and kept them on, rolling around the living room all day, until she went to bed in the evening.

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