Coincidental bike stacking.
E went to the railway station and parked her bike. I took a train later, having cycled with Y to school first. I spotted E’s bike and parked mine above it.

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  1. @ton Cool! They want more Osloians to ride bikes, so maybe we’ll get those in the city center at some point too. Thanks for the link, it made more sense to me than the antigravity solution, because I don’t think we’re there yet!

  2. I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s going on in this picture I always try to avoid bike racks where you have to put your front wheel in between an iron bracket—once, when I came back, the whole frame was bent because someone pushed against my bike.
    But this seems like a sure way to save space in the station area! (Once you figure out how to work those red handles, that is)

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