Another regular week, something to be grateful for. War news keeps sucking me in in an unhealthy way, so that’s a daily thing to be aware of.

This week I

  • Wrote up my note making flow, after the presentation I gave to the Republic of Readers, an informal group of readers I have monthly conversations with
  • Had a working session with my business partners
  • Did most of the monthly invoicing
  • Had a pleasant conversation with my fellow Open State Foundation board member Ruben Brave nominally about diversity in businesses but also about our childhoods, scheduled to be continued soon
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Did an in-depth interview with the Netherlands Space Office
  • Took a closer look at what is known about the EU Green Deal dataspace plans
  • Made and gave a presentation to the Dutch national government’s CIO office team
  • Had a conversation with Chris Tucker about the EU’s data plans, and data ethics, as he was in town for a conference organised by a client
  • Participated in the Open Geo Day, a conference organised by a client, where I participated in a panel discussion, and otherwise listened to a number of interesting sessions. It was good to meet a large group of people again and have meandering conversations. Returned home with a longish list of things to follow-up on.
  • Spent a few hours doing that follow-up of the Open Geo Day event.
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson, which she once again enjoyed a lot
  • Took it very slow during the weekend
  • Finished reading Annotation by Kalir and Garcia, and now starting to process my annotations made.

Geraldine Nolf of Digital Flanders talking about her work on the Data Vindplaats, where they combine open, closed, public and private data and services. One of two highly interesting sessions by our Flemish colleagues during the Open Geo Day. Image Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA.