It was an ok week. As Y was still ill, E and I had to divide our hours to ensure we could both do some work, while also taking care of her.

This week I:

  • Heard from a colleague that they will be leaving the company. It was a surprise, even if a few months ago I realised it would be a possibility. I know it is inevitable to happen, but it also feels sad. During the pandemic our team has grown much closer, and that unity is now being broken. So there is some mourning involved.
  • Struggled with staying away from most war news, and prevent it disrupting my work or our regular days.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Prepared the upcoming meeting of the Dutch government data holders council on the EU data legislation
  • Tried to move our plan forward to change hosting company for our instance.
  • Started close reading the proposed EU data act.
  • Proposed to do a session in May for the Edgeryders network on the EU digital/data legislation
  • With Y watched the newborn kids at the nearby farm / petting zoo, when she was fit enough again to venture outside.
  • Did the monthly invoicing
  • Caught up with the director of the foundation I chair, while walking a few rounds around the old Amsterdam naval yard, enjoying the sunny day
  • Discussed the planning of some interviews with a number of Field Labs on the types of data sharing issues they might encounter
  • Wrote a project proposal
  • Added information about the EU Digital Rights and Principles to the Dutch language wiki I keep about the EU legal framework for digitisation and data.
  • Packed up the car, to spend the weekend with E’s family and celebrate her father’s (80th) and her mother’s birthday. Walking, swimming, bbq, games and a fun overview of key events in the past 80 years that E presented.

Walking with E and family, in the Smeerling nature preserve area. It was a beautifully sunny weekend