In reply to Have you ever published sponsored content on your blog? by Kev Quirk

I don’t get these requests often, but regularly and they do tend to come in waves. The end of the year usually sees such a wave. I never respond to them. In the past I have blogged about topics against something in return though. E.g. I went to a German conference in 2009 for free in return for blogging about it, in 2011 I wrote about a European initiative I supported in return for a fee, and in 2007 I posted a book review in return for a free printed copy. In each case I was the author, the topics were of interest to myself, and the quid pro quo was disclosed in the posting. For a personal blog such as mine I’d never consider letting someone else write content. As you say it would be a direct hit against the authenticity and believability of my blog. My blog is my avatar, my online representation for two decades. Paid external content would be highly damaging I think.

Have you ever published sponsored content on your blog? Was it a more positive experience than mine?

Kev Quirk