Such a strange week. It started normally enough, but Thursday our 5yo woke up ill, and Russia started a war by invading Ukraine. The second half of the week therefore felt very much out of tilt.

This week I

  • converted my Amazon book purchases into a CSV file, as follow up to the personal libraries session last week.
  • participated in a session on the reference architecture of the Dutch national digital twin for the built environment. The session was the kick-off for the public consultation that runs until April.
  • had the weekly client meetings, one of which was in person again
  • worked on turning the EU Digital Rights and Principles communication into Dutch language notes to share with the network of Dutch data holders.
  • started reading the EU Data Act, published this week. This is the final piece of the framework that formulates the European geopolitical proposition w.r.t. digitisation and data, which will determine the context of most of my work for the next 10-15 years.
  • had a conversation with Y’s teacher about her progress in school
  • decided to move our company’s instance to a Dutch hoster on a managed VPS, and signed the proposal for it. To be done in the coming few weeks.
  • met payroll, and paid the preliminary 2022 company taxes and personal income taxes.
  • had a conversation with a company in our network about their current activities and where we might work together.
  • had a conversation with someone who might be interested in applying to work in our company
  • took care of Y as she was ill, resulting in two sleepless nights. Negatively impacted my concentration and alertness.
  • did some pruning in the garden, as the weather during the weekend was very nice after weeks of storm and rain.

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