This was a messy week. Last week already I found it a bit difficult to get going, but this week that was much worse. Especially I struggled with getting into larger chunks of relevant work, not succeeding in keeping the small distracting stuff out of the way. I did try to grab the steering wheel again, and the past few days felt better because of it.

This week I

  • created my own IndieAuth authentication tool
  • started creating my own IndieWeb Microsub reader
  • did the monthly invoicing for my company
  • had a session on the ongoing work on a national digital twin for the built environment
  • reviewed my task lists and altered my task tracking system to better fit my current workflow and mood
  • worked on a tool to track how busy we are in our company, so we can better balance our weeks and our work load
  • did a half day training session on a mediation approach to ethics of technology
  • despite our SLA did our hoster’s job in figuring out why our server wasn’t working, which took more time than I cared for. Definitely on the look-out for a new hoster for our instance now.
  • did an internal knowledge management session with a client
  • did a half day meeting with the management team of the Dutch geological service, on their data and the impact for them of the incoming EU data regulations.
  • started reading the published EU digital rights and principles, and the leaked Data Act (which will be published the 23rd)
  • went for a walk with E on the one sunny day we had, and saw a bird I’d never seen before
  • went with Y to her second swimming lesson, which she again enjoyed a lot
  • wrote and submitted a response to the public consultation on the proposed Dutch implementation law for the EU open data directive
  • had lunch in town with the three of us
  • am halfway through learning to solve Rubik’s cube. Back in the 1980’s I never learned it, but using these videos I’m now getting a much better understanding of how the game actually works.
  • wrote some new Notions in my note taking system.

It’s not really visible in this image, but the bigger version of Flickr will show you there’s a great white heron in the middle of the ditch. Blue herons are common here, the white ones are a more recent arrival and I’d never seen one yet.