Favorited The Cube: solved after decades by E

Back in the 1980’s while in secondary school Rubik’s cubes were everywhere. I tried them, but never learned to solve it. When instructions started appearing in mags I thought that was a kind of cheating. Y brought a cube home recently and simultaneously Kev Quirk posted his videos of how to solve the cube. There’s method and alogrithms involved, and even just recognising the method (a cross on one face, then the corners, then the 2nd layer, then the cross on the opposing face, then the final corners) is already an immediate help, even without the turning algorithms. So some 40 years on, I finally get closure on a 1980’s loose end. All because of some pandemic induced time on hand. 😉

I’m not as practiced as E yet, who can solve it anytime now. But using the instruction videos I did solve it once.

More than thirty years later, Daughter came home with a mini-cube in her bag. A birthday gift from one of her classmates. A few weeks later Man stumbled upon a series of videos made by one of his indy web connections. …. Last Saturday I started practicing and yesterday I finally solved it without looking at the instructions.